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How does Ebike save your money?

How does Ebike save your money?

As the trend of commuting with an ebike is increasing in popularity, many people would like to know why ebike, a price range from $1500 to $2200, efficiently help the users save money. At first, you might consider the price for a bike that can be run on electric power is a little bit overpriced and doubt about making the switch. Through reviewing the following paragraphs about how ebike help you save money, we hope you will be more convinced and find the answer you need. 


Let’s quickly go through the advantages about having an ebike: 

  • Save Time: Get rid of the heavy traffic
  • Stay Healthy: Physical exercise and away from pandemic from high-risk environment
  • Faster and Easier: Throttle capabilities and pedal assist
  • Eco-friendly: No pollution just like conventional bikes
  • Special needs: Applicable for people who cannot ride for long time 

Someone will be more interested in how does ebike save money from daily commute with all the above advantages stated? 

Let’s start with some simple calculations: 

Assume Mike purchased an E450 STEP THROUGH ELECTRIC COMMUTER BIKE from Enginelab, which costed him $1799. As the mile range per charging of E450 is up to 60, we assume Mike is going to charge it once a day. The capacity of the battery is 672Wh, and let’s divide it by 1000 to get kWh, which is 13.19 cents.  So:


0.672kWh x $0.1319 = $0.0886


We can round it up to $0.09 to charge your ebike per day with a commute range of 60 miles. Definitely, it will cost less if the commute distance is shorter than that. 

Let’s say Mike has to go to work 250 days per year (might be a little estimating during the pandemic time), then Mike will spend:


$0.09x 250 = $22.5 of the whole year of working commuting. Even if Mike continues to commute every day, the total costs is going to be $0.09x 365 = $32.85, which is much less than gas costs, as the gas price keeps increasing recently. 


Let’s make a simple comparison between the commuting costs of ebike and fuel car. According to, the average gas price in the USA in March,2022 is $4.32 per gallon, which is at record highs. 

Assume Mike rides 60 miles per day (extreme case)- and the average fuel economy for cars, light trucks and SUVs is 25mpg.

60 miles ÷ 25mpg = 2.4 Gallons of fuel used per day

Therefore, 2.4G x $4.32= $10.368 Per day in fuel costs

And the calculation is stating that a 3-day fuel costs is able to support charging an ebike for 365 days. 

Besides, we also need to consider the maintenance fee, which will include normal cleaning, annual tire replacement and battery replacement each 2 years. According to the market price, the average maintenance cost per annum is around $900, included the initial purchase of E450 ebike in the first 4 years. However, the average maintenance fee for cars would be more than $1000 dollars per year, excluding the initial purchase costs. 



The simple calculations above roughly indicate how ebike help people save money. Although the amount of money that can be saved could be impacted by lots of elements, such as regions, economic situations and personal habits etc. However, as the maintenance fee of a fuel car is more than the total costs of an ebike, we are confident about the trend why more people choose to commute by ebike to save money and become efficient. 

Please feel free to tell us your opinions about switching from fuel vehicle to ebike. 

For more information, please check out Enginelab official website.

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