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History of Engine-Lab

Bicycles changed the world when first introduced, and we at Engine-Lab believe that e-bikes can further change our world for the better through emissions-free efficient, and fun transportation choices. Engine-Lab launched in 2008 as an enthusiast-focused brand creating high-quality and lightweight dual-suspension mountain bikes at a competitive price point. After ten years of production, the Engine-Lab team refocussed on the electric-powered micro-mobility market to bring their passion for and engineering knowledge of bicycles to a new audience.

Rider Comfort and Experience

Creating an e-bike with the perfect riding experience is a combination of engineering and alchemy, bringing together bicycle design knowledge with countless choices in motors, batteries, and sensors, to create the final product. At Engine-Lab every interface has been explored and tuned to create an intuitive riding experience that goes beyond performance and comfort expectations.


Quality is Key

Engine-Lab bikes are designed to be easy to assemble upon delivery and reliable and serviceable years down the road. We use industry-standard motor and battery suppliers, and feature durable bicycle components throughout that can be serviced at most any capable bike shop in the world. All Engine-Lab designs go through third-party testing and verification, with on-site Quality Engineers inspecting every bike throughout production. Engine-Lab continues to build its official service network and offers online support to help with the assembly and ongoing service needs.



The Engine-Lab mission is to focus on new technology research and development in micro-mobility to bring fun, innovative, and comfortable, clean electric-assist transportation to a larger market.


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